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Hébergement Rocamadour 3 étoilesHébergement Rocamadour 3 étoiles

Approximately 15 minutes from the campsite

Visit the Sacred City of Rocamadour, the hotspot for pilgrimages en-route to Saint Jacques de Compostelle.

Clinging to the cliff face, Rocamadour the Vertiginous is striking with its height and the superimposition of buildings: “The houses over the stream, the churches over houses, the rocks over the churches, the castle over the rocks”.

Rocamadour is famous for its sanctuaries and Vierge Noire which attracts numerous pilgrims and visitors every year.

Rocamadour camping 3 étoiles
Hôtel plein air Rocamadour

Take the 216 steps to arrive at the church forecourt and discover the 7 sanctuaries.